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advocate immigration is a group of international, independent audit, accounting, law and consulting firms with the joint potential to find the right solution for any specific problem and so resolve any financial, legal and tax issues which may arise. advocate immigration broad international coverage provides clients with access to high quality firms in many countries worldwide.

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They understand their clients, needs and add substantial value to their complex and global businesses through knowledge and proactivity.


In response to the complex requirements of domestic and international transactions and the considerable areas of law involved,


advocate immigration law firms servicing private clients are knowledgeable in providing high net worth individuals with professional advice on all aspects of family law, inheritance law

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

As international business is by definition global, clients need to have access to experienced litigators all over the world. GGI member law firms are proven professionals in national and international court cases.

“I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and was treated as a friend rather than a number. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. My nerves were calmed and the process was always explained. [My attorney] fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm or attorney. Thanks guys!!!”




In today’s digital, client-centric economy, law firms face significant challenges. To navigate these challenges, firms need a trusted advisor who understands how to turn these challenges into advantages with both traditional issues like strategic planning, consolidation, cost management, pricing and profitability and newer ones like delivering a digital experience, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy and cryptocurrencies.

Our services include:

Law Services

For almost 60 years, the PwC Law Firm Services Group has provided premier law firms with comprehensive benchmarking information on a broad range of management topics that confront law firm leaders.

Survey offerings

Participation in our benchmarking program can allow your firm to: gain a deeper understanding of its position in the market, identify potential opportunities to improve profitability and make better informed strategic decisions.

  • Long-term strategy development and implementation
  • Partner compensation and structuring
  • Pricing and profitability
  • Domestic and international tax structuring and compliance services
  • Domestic and international tax consulting
  • Risk management and governance
  • Knowledge management
  • Talent management
  • Benefit plan consulting
  • Assurance services

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Advisory services for law firms

Business as usual is not an option for law firms. Like other industries, law firms have been impacted by technology, disruption and client demands for a changing business model. Leading firms look to PwC to help them adapt to this changing landscape to successfully navigate the turbulent seas and position them for long-term growth and success. Popular areas of focus include: digital transformation, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and privacy.

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What is Mediation and does it work?

What is Mediation and does it work?

The process wherein two parties agree to be assisted by a neutral third party is known as mediation. The mediation process is used to make two parties agree to settle the various disputed issues.

The mediation process is an unbiased, voluntary, and confidential process that can be terminated anytime by the disputing parties. A reached settlement between the parties involved in the mediation process becomes legally binding when a formal agreement is signed.

Mediation can be used for different contexts other than being a part of legal intervention or court-connected procedures. Other mediation contexts include:

  • Educational and religious conflicts
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Public or private workplace interpersonal disputes
  • Estates and wills disputes
  • Personal injury issues
  • Neighbourhood and tenant-landlord disputes
  • Customer complaints
  • Patient complaints against allied professionals such as doctors, dentists, and more
  • Working group conflicts
  • And a lot more

How effective is the mediation process?

Courts always actively encourage the mediation process as a way of settling conflicts than filing a lawsuit. Many clients also prefer mediation because of the effective conflict resolution it provides. Here’s why:

Saves time and resources

The judicial process as well as the involved parties saves time and resources with mediation. Filing a lawsuit has been seen to cost more, emotionally and financially for all involved parties. It is why mediation is considered today as an invaluable tool for dispute resolution.

Higher satisfaction rate with clients

The benefits of settling out-of-court have made mediation increasingly popular. Numerous studies show that an 80% satisfaction rate is achieved by the mediation process with various clients. It is because parties get control of the outcome, making them feel empowered in a mediation process.

Provide a better perspective

While not all mediation processes end in a clear agreement, almost all participants agree that a better perspective was established by it. The dispute was better understood by all parties when it underwent a mediation process.

With this finding, it is of little wonder that corporations still manage to do business even in the presence of corporate conflicts. The mediation process has been seen as an effective tool to establish healthy communication channels between conflicting parties.

Applicable to all sorts of disputes and conflicts

Mediation is not only applicable to business but also other contexts such as family conflicts. Harmony between divorcing partners for the sake of the children is restored by mediation. However, it should be noted that the mediator cannot declare one party a winner or loser. Mediation is used to settle disputes and conflicts that benefits all involved parties.

Play a key role in dispute resolution

Early implementation of the mediation process has been found by multiple studies as the key to dispute resolution. The host of benefits provided by mediation has inspired many companies to adopt it in the workplace. In-house mediation implemented by some companies has instilled confidence in employees, making them accustomed to resolving their professional conflicts through the process.

A written agreement

A clear and written agreement between the involved parties is the ultimate aim of mediation. Both parties sign the agreement after they have read its agreed and intent terms with a clearly outlined time frame for payment schedules. The written agreement is the highlight of both the mediator and mediation process.

Conflicting parties that opt for mediation stand to win than going through the rigours and expense of a lawsuit. Contact us at Gold Coast Mediation and Dispute Resolution to know more.

Times you need to hire a Hervey Bay lawyer

Times you need to hire a Hervey Bay lawyer

Your life in Hervey Bay can be trouble-free and peaceful. However, there are times when something happens to make you seek help from a lawyer, Hervey Bay. The common situations and reasons that can compel you to hire a good lawyer in Hervey Bay include:

Family Law issues

Family law issues are seen as one of the most common reasons for people to seek help from a lawyer. A lawyer with long years of experience in family law is usually the best legal expert to help you with issues such as divorce.

Modifying the original divorce decree could sometimes happen during divorce proceedings. Division of property, child support collection, child custody, visitation rights, and spousal support are some of the changes or modifications in a divorce that need the help of legal expertise.


The escalation of adopting a child has made adoption a part of family law. The successful navigation through the intricacies of adoption needs professional help from an experienced lawyer. A family law lawyer is an able ally when you are planning to adopt from an international or local agency. The only way to ensure that the law works in your favour and that of the child is a lawyer that makes sure that all documents are in order.

Starting a business

Starting or forming a business needs the help of a lawyer familiar with the various legal processes needed. This ensures that everything is set up from ownership issues, taxation issues, growth issues, and other legal issues that might crop up.

Being able to determine whether your business falls under the category of a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) is through the help of a good attorney.

Hiring a lawyer to help in forming your business also helps to make you understand all its aspects and concepts. Legal contracts entered between you and clients are better protected and above-board with the help of a lawyer.

Planning your estate

Protecting your assets is what it means to plan your estate. The accumulation of properties and assets happens as people grow older. Having a plan in place for their estates when they pass is planning the estate for the future.

Assets and wealth are better protected when there’s a plan in place. The default state process of having your assets and wealth distributed to unintended people happens when it goes through intestacy when you pass away.

Having a lawyer draw up a will prevents intestacy to happen. With a will on hand, assets will not only be tax-free; they will also be automatically transferred to the specified family members.

Being charged with a crime

Being charged with a crime is one of the top reasons for people to hire a lawyer. A lawyer with expertise in criminal law is the best option when you are charged with a criminal offense.

While there are public defendants, paid by the state to handle your case, the best option is by hiring a private criminal defense lawyer. More focused and individualised representation is received with hiring a private lawyer.

People often hire lawyers under duress. Mistakes in the choice of a lawyer are often the case when the hiring is done hurriedly. The smartest way is to establish a good relationship with a lawyer before anything untoward happens. Choosing the right Hervey Bay lawyer is critical to your success.

What you need to know before hiring a compensation lawyer

What you need to know before hiring a compensation lawyer

All individuals work hard to offer the best to the families. However, there are times when an individual might suffer injuries on the job. What most people don’t know is that there are workers compensation laws which required the employers to pay all the medical bills and wages to a person who got injured at work.

The most common kind of work injuries pertain to fractures, burns and certain traumatic events. Sometimes an individual might also suffer from respiratory illness or repetitive strain injury due to the nature of their work. Again it is important for them to be compensated for the conditions which might have taken years to develop. However in order to make a claim and get the necessary compensation the worker might have to go through a complex legal system which most of the time they are not even aware about.

There are also instances in which an employee might have to face delay tactics or deal with disputes just because they don’t know where to start. The best thing to do would be to consult an attorney who would be able to protect your rights and also allow you to get the compensation that is your right.

When you would need to require a compensation lawyer

Most of the time a claim can be resolved without a need for an attorney. However if it any instance a worker might have difficulty in attaining their claim they would require legal representation. Getting legal help is especially important in complex cases and appeals. It is necessary to get advice from a compensation lawyer before you sign anything because they would help you understand whether the company might be under value in your claim or waving of your right for compensation.

It is crucial to get legal assistance in all of the following cases:

  • If the worker is facing a dispute regarding their injury
  • They already suffer from a pre-existing medical condition
  • If the worker has been laid off or fired after the reported the injury
  • The company is making unreasonable delay or preventing you from receiving the proper medical care by not giving the compensation.
  • If the individual has suffered a permanent disability and it is affected their ability to work.
  • In cases where the employees are exempted from workers compensation insurance requirements

It should be kept in mind the workers compensation law may vary from one state to another. It is necessary that the business should have a workers compensation insurance so that the workers can file a claim. It is necessary that all employees should have an idea regarding the clauses in sections of the workers compensation statuses. All these would be explained to them by their workers compensation lawyer.

Finding the right personal injury and compensation lawyers in Gold Coast requires a great deal of attention because it is a specialized area. It is important that you hire one of the most experienced professionals that you can find by checking out different websites and gathering the names. The right lawyer has an idea of dealing with insurance companies and employees who turn out to be uncooperative.

Who is a solicitor in Rockhampton and why do you need one?

Who is a solicitor in Rockhampton and why do you need one?

A solicitor is a lawyer who practices in all the jurisdictions worldwide and is legally qualified to practice law in those jurisdictions. To be legally defined as a solicitor, an individual should have legally-defined qualifications, which range from one jurisdiction to the other, and then be enabled to practice legally there as such. While lawyers are licensed in their jurisdictions, solicitors do not have that same license. Therefore, they are not considered lawyers in the jurisdictions where they work.

The solicitors are known as the solicitors. In Scotland, the solicitors are known as the barristers. In England, as in most of the world, the principal legal practitioner is the lawyer. However, there are separate legal practitioners, who are known as the barrister general, and the solicitor general.

What is a solicitor?

The solicitor is considered the person who advises or represents a client and is authorized to give legal advice. They are also responsible for representing the principal, or the attorney general, in criminal cases. The only regulating authority is the Legal Complaints Service, which is responsible for ensuring that complaints against the solicitors are dealt with appropriately.

As compared to other parts of the world, solicitors are regulated by the Legal Complaints Service only when they represent a client in a criminal case. Several organizations help solicitors in getting accredited and are known as the Regulation Authorities. They help the solicitors make sure that they are adhering to the law’s high standards and can help them maintain an appropriate relationship with their clients.

The solicitors, in comparison with the barristers, have considerably less complex duties. They do not carry out the critical analysis that is required in cases involving complicated legal work. Barristers are permitted to ask questions about a case’s facts but cannot question any witnesses or make oral arguments on the legal proceedings. However, there are differences between the two professions. For instance, barristers are permitted to give some legal advice to their clients.

What are the responsibilities of a solicitor?

The role and responsibilities of a solicitor are set out in the rules of court. The solicitors are known as the advocates or lawyers, while the barristers are known as the defendants or plaintiffs in a court of law. Both of them offer legal advice to their clients, either in the form of advice regarding the courtroom or offer specific types of legal advice on how a case should be handled. They prepare documents and court reports, as required. Also, the solicitors can draft letters of demand, complaints, and other official paperwork. Furthermore, they may also draft witness statements, make an appearance at court, draft written reports and briefs, draft contracts, and tend court.

Many solicitors also have private law practitioners, who deal with narrower aspects of a client’s case. For instance, a solicitor may specialize in family law or criminal law. Other areas of the law include corporate law, business law, contract law, and so on.

There are some differences between a solicitor and a barrister. A solicitor has the authority to give legal advice. He or she can do this orally in court or by filing documents in court. A barrister, on the other hand, provides legal advice only. As the name suggests, he or she is not a solicitor, but a barrister represents clients in court proceedings, before the court, or represents a group of clients in a law society proceeding.

If you need a solicitor, call SMR Law in Rockhampton.

Instances when you are allowed to fire you lawyers

Instances when you are allowed to fire you lawyers

Law is one of the most complicated professions. When you have personal lawyers, you are fortunate since you get represented in any case you have in the court of law.  Not everyone who has a law degree is a great lawyer, meaning that there are lawyers out there who are not perfect for their job. This is why you are asked to be very keen when you are selecting your lawyers.

When you hire your lawyers, you can work with them as long as you are satisfied with your lawyers’ services. However, at Hervey Bay, some people keep on firing their lawyers.  It is allowed to fire these lawyers in Hervey Bay, but not during all circumstances. You have to ensure that you are firing your lawyers when the situations are genuine. Therefore, if you are experiencing the following issues with your lawyers, you have the right to fire them, and they will not sue you when you do it.

You have lawyers that are never prepared and organized

One of the qualities that your lawyers should possess is being prepared for everything they are doing. When it comes to having meetings with them or even representing you in the court of law, they must be prepared.

Secondly, lawyers must also be organized. When you have lawyers that are never organized, be sure that they will not waste your time and mishandle your case and money. Therefore, the first circumstance under which you are allowed top fire lawyers in Hervey Bay is disorganized and unprepared.

They lack the capability of handling your case

The main reasons people who have cases in the court of law seek lawyers’ help are that they are sure they can handle legal issues. People trust that the lawyers in Hervey Bay understand every law nuance, and this is why they will spend so much money on having them by their side. When you have good lawyers, you are stress-free and sure that you are going to win. However, when you realize that your lawyers are incapable of handling your case, you can fire them without being questioned.

The lawyers are not answering your calls

Poor communication is one of the problems you would not like to experience with your lawyers when you have a law court case. Although lawyers are very busy since they have so many clients, they should have time for all their clients.  This means that anytime you call them, they should ensure that they return the calls or emails immediately when they get them. In case you have lawyers who are not answering their calls or returning your messages, you can fire them and hire others who will be responsible.

Legal malpractice

Malpractice may either be by accident or intentionally. Therefore, if you catch your lawyers doing anything that may be costing you the ability to win or settle your case, you should not continue working with them.


Lawyers have been trained and are responsible when it comes to acting in ethical manners. Consequently, they also have taken oaths of upholding individual ethics. Therefore, they should not be doing anything that may breach their code of ethics.  In case you find your lawyers mishandling finance, failing to inform you about the settlement offers, or breaking your confidentiality, you can as well fire them.

To get in touch with professional and responsible lawyers, contact BDB Lawyers Hervey Bay.

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