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advocate immigration is a group of international, independent audit, accounting, law and consulting firms with the joint potential to find the right solution for any specific problem and so resolve any financial, legal and tax issues which may arise. advocate immigration broad international coverage provides clients with access to high quality firms in many countries worldwide.

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They understand their clients, needs and add substantial value to their complex and global businesses through knowledge and proactivity.


In response to the complex requirements of domestic and international transactions and the considerable areas of law involved,


advocate immigration law firms servicing private clients are knowledgeable in providing high net worth individuals with professional advice on all aspects of family law, inheritance law

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

As international business is by definition global, clients need to have access to experienced litigators all over the world. GGI member law firms are proven professionals in national and international court cases.

“I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and was treated as a friend rather than a number. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. My nerves were calmed and the process was always explained. [My attorney] fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm or attorney. Thanks guys!!!”




In today’s digital, client-centric economy, law firms face significant challenges. To navigate these challenges, firms need a trusted advisor who understands how to turn these challenges into advantages with both traditional issues like strategic planning, consolidation, cost management, pricing and profitability and newer ones like delivering a digital experience, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy and cryptocurrencies.

Our services include:

Law Services

For almost 60 years, the PwC Law Firm Services Group has provided premier law firms with comprehensive benchmarking information on a broad range of management topics that confront law firm leaders.

Survey offerings

Participation in our benchmarking program can allow your firm to: gain a deeper understanding of its position in the market, identify potential opportunities to improve profitability and make better informed strategic decisions.

  • Long-term strategy development and implementation
  • Partner compensation and structuring
  • Pricing and profitability
  • Domestic and international tax structuring and compliance services
  • Domestic and international tax consulting
  • Risk management and governance
  • Knowledge management
  • Talent management
  • Benefit plan consulting
  • Assurance services

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Advisory services for law firms

Business as usual is not an option for law firms. Like other industries, law firms have been impacted by technology, disruption and client demands for a changing business model. Leading firms look to PwC to help them adapt to this changing landscape to successfully navigate the turbulent seas and position them for long-term growth and success. Popular areas of focus include: digital transformation, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity and privacy.

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Finding the right Gold Coast family lawyers

Finding the right Gold Coast family lawyers

Gold Coast family lawyers practice various legal issues.  Matters like divorce, spousal maintenance, child custody, separation and adoption are a few things which they deal in. Hiring the right family lawyer is crucial because they ensure that the interests of their clients are well protected. Family law revolves around sensitive issues which can be stressful for both the parties involved. Hiring someone who is professional and has the necessary experience can help make things easier.

So how does one go about finding the right Gold Coast family lawyers? After all there are so many law firms which deal in family law. The selection should be made based on careful observation and research, mainly because clients tend to share sensitive information during the complete proceedings.

The following tips would make it easier to hire a family lawyer:

Getting referrals

One of the most unfailing and reliable methods of hiring a lawyer is through referrals. You may have to talk to different people who may have been associated with family lawyers in the pat. Do you know someone who hired a lawyer to help them deal with family matters? If you do, make sure you get a referral from them. Get to know about their experience with a particular lawyer. The most reliable sources are your friends and family. This is because they would offer you the best possible advice because they would definitely consider your well-being. For someone undergoing divorce, getting a reference for a lawyer should be discussed with someone close to them. If that is not possible you may speak to legal practitioners you know and who might be able to guide you to the right individual.

Choose a lawyer with good credentials

A lawyer has to undergo intensive training before they receive a certification to practice. Their training comprises of not only the necessary certifications but also the number of years they have spent working under an experienced family lawyer. Make sure that the lawyer you are considering has the certification and license to carry out their practice. A good lawyer would always make sure that they have their credentials displayed in the open.

Experience counts

A lawyer who would represent you should have the necessary experience. In order to ensure that you get quality service choose a lawyer who ah represented more than a few clients in the past. Someone who has dealt with family issues would know the best possible ways to help you with your own matters. Before you hire a lawyer make sure you ask them the right kind of questions. Things like how many cases they have helped settle outside court or the number of cases which have gone to trial. Talking about the logistics of the case is crucial, things like who would handle all the proceedings etc. matters a great deal.

Finding a good family lawyer is simple when you consider all of the above mentioned things. For more information make sure you contact family lawyers based on the Gold Coast.

Tips for Finding the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Tips for Finding the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Experiencing a court case is daunting as it is but with an offence as heavy as a criminal charge, the decision to choose a good lawyer becomes extremely significant. These trials are usually a one-time thing and to hand down the responsibility of your future to a person, you would be crazy to just go without any consideration.

To listen to the order of the judge, you must ensure that the result falls in your favour. One major contribution to that thought would have to be; to opt for the best criminal lawyers wollongong. Here are a few tips to help you proceed:


The lawyer that you deem fit to fight for your case must be experienced in the right field. There exist many attorneys who have years of experience and an even higher list of winnings. But what you are looking for is a criminal defense attorney. It is important that the lawyer you opt for has considerable knowledge about the criminal background.


The individual character of the lawyer might not appear significant, but it is mandatory to run a background check on the lawyer. You never known when you can be tied down in a façade. Running a background check will also provide you with the qualifications and experience of the attorney you are about to strike a deal with.

Responsible and confident


For your case to be taken seriously in the court, it needs to be presented coherently. For this purpose, you would require a lawyer who is committed, confident, solemn and responsible. An attorney who can start on your case the moment you hire them and puts significant time in helping you towards the win. Furthermore, the person needs to be responsive towards the present happenings that could affect the case and towards you in transferring vital information.


The basic thing that you can do is ask around, among your family and friends, for an attorney that they might have had encountered with. Referrals usually provide a better chance to find the best Criminal Defense Attorney faster. But, even with the referrals, you should not trust blindly. Meet them, run a background check on them, take your time for it is a life-determining change you are about to be involved in.

Trust your decision

It is important to find the best Criminal Defense Attorney but do not waste much time in choosing from your options. the best of the lawyers would not be able to show their experienced performance if they do not have the time to prepare a good case. Do take your time but once you have made the decision, trust your instincts and let the attorney do their work.

IMMIGRATION Beyond the Bossi-Fini law, possible reforms

IMMIGRATION Beyond the Bossi-Fini law, possible reforms


Matteo Renzi cited the modification of the Bossi-Fini law as one of the issues that should be included in the coalition pact between the parties supporting the Letta government. We will have to wait to know in detail the proposals of the Secretary Pd to evaluate the quality. In the meantime, I try to outline the elements of a desirable reform, distinguishing between radical measures and corrective measures. I limit myself to the immigration rules, referring to a previous article for possible actions to be taken in the European asylum field.

Among the changes in the rules on foreigners, the two most radical concerns the acquisition of citizenship(today regulated by the law 91/1992) and immigration for work. On the first point, the House’s constitutional affairs committee has been debating for months and an agreement is certainly at hand, on condition that no parliamentary group claims to have exclusive merit. No one thinks about introducing an absolute ius soli (Italian citizen is born in Italy), but rather a tempered ius soli (Italian citizen who is born in Italy as a parent, foreigner or community, legally residing indefinitely) or the so-called ius culturae(the foreigner acquires Italian citizenship who completes one or more education cycles in Italy).

Of the two possibilities, the latter is certainly the most important, because it emphasizes the socio-cultural insertion of the exponents of the second generation, rather than a merely bureaucratic requirement. The fact, feared by some ministerial circles, that from the acquisition of citizenship by the child would result in the inexplicability of the parent should not be seen as a circumvention of the restrictive rules on immigration, but rather as the deserved goal of the desire for integration of the ‘whole family unit.

Regarding immigration for work, it is a matter of translating into norms what everyone knows: [tweetability] work relationships with low qualifications do not constitute “at a distance”, but require a direct meeting [/ tweetability], on the spot, between demand and supply. It means allowing entry for job search, which is already possible, without any limit and without negative consequences for our society, for community workers. For third country workers, numerical limits could be introduced and, in order to cope with possible failures of individual migratory adventures, appropriate corrections when issuing an entry visa:

registration of fingerprints and a copy of the passport, for an identification immediate foreigner; and the tied deposit (by the interested party or a guarantor) of an amount of sufficient resources to support the worker for the period of job search and for any return journey. A reform of this kind is simply to give legal status and controllability to the actual way in which foreigners enter the Italian labor market. But the fact that the current rules, which impose the establishment of a work contract before entry into Italy, have resisted for twenty-seven years is a sign that politicians are terrified by the idea of ​​changing them. If the terror persists, a good step forward could consist of one experimentation :

under certain conditions, the entry of a small contingent of foreign workers in search of work is authorized, if the insertion path is monitored, the effectiveness of the possible measures to support their insertion and those of control is evaluated. ; then the experiment is repeated with the appropriate modification of the conditions that have proved to be inadequate. Incidentally: if the experiment had been put in place during the North Africa emergency for the benefit of the people accepted, the enormous amount of money spent in that context would have found a more solid justification.



With 146 votes in favor, 89 against and 3 abstentions on Thursday, July 11, the Senate definitively approved the immigration law, desired by the center-right government and strongly opposed by the opposition. before the vote, the rapporteur Gabriele Boscetto (Forza Italia) proposed an agenda with which the Government undertakes to implement with a separate bill the regularization foreseen for domestic workers and caregivers also for the sector of non-EU workers in the industry .

The law, also known as “Bossi-Fini” (from the names of the Minister of Reforms, Umberto Bossi, and the deputy premier, Gianfranco Fini, who drafted it) definitively sends the former Turco-Napolitano to retirement.

These are the essential points of the law.

The “effective arrest” for the clandestine immigrant is triggered by the third attempt to return to Italy without permission. At the first assessment that verifies the illegal entry of the clandestine, the accompaniment will be sent to the border. Since the greatest difficulty that has hitherto prevented this measure has involved the identification of the clandestine, and therefore the identification of the State of origin, it is expected to lengthen the period of stay in the appropriate centers from the current 20 days, extendable for further 10 days, 30 days, extendable by 30 others.

Furthermore, to encourage the identification of the immigrant, the law requires fingerprints to be taken by all immigrants from outside the EU.

If the clandestine once expelled will still be in Italy, he can be arrested in flagrante and end up in jail with a minimum sentence of six months, a maximum of one year, commutable in expulsion. On his third attempt to illegally enter Italy, the clandestine will risk from one to four years in prison.

Having a residence contract for work becomes an essential requirement for the issue of a residence permit, whose duration is commensurate with the duration of the work in the case of seasonal or fixed-term work. If it is a permanent job, there is renewability of the permit.

The quotas will be fixed with one or more decrees a year on the basis of the insertion into the world of work and, therefore, of the readiness to assume from the productive world.

Workers of Italian origin residing in non-EU countries (for part of at least one of the parents up to the third degree in a straight line of ancestry, ie the great-grandfather) will have access to the Italian labor market in a privileged way. In fact, it is envisaged that a preferential quota will be reserved for them in the aforementioned decrees.

The restrictions will also apply to the world of sport. Every year a decree by the Minister of Cultural Heritage will set, on the proposal of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), the maximum number of foreign sportsmen who can carry out professional activities and receive remuneration in Italy. The shares will then be distributed among the sports clubs.

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