Before hitting the road to offering commercial legal matters to the public, you need to undergo a significant amount of education. There are degree programs and licenses requirements you need to fulfil before you are allowed to offer commercial property legal services. The main work for commercial property lawyers is to draft commercial legal paperwork for businesses and property owners. They can be hired in house or work as a freelance and can represent their clients in court in case of law pursuit. If employed in-house, a commercial property lawyer is entitled to a monthly salary. Commercial lawyers specialise in business law. They negotiate contracts on behalf of their clients and draft binding legal paperwork, review employment contracts, or stand in for business mergers.

The job description of a commercial lawyer

Duties of a commercial lawyer involve a lot of business transactions and processes. A day in the office for a commercial lawyer could involve drafting sales agreements, draft employment contracts, and write purchase agreements. Most commercial lawyers practice in law firms, where they represent different clients in court for a certain amount of agreed fee. Others may work in corporate firms and exclusively represent corporate interests in commercial legal issues and those employed by government agencies take care of government deals and agreements for monthly salary compensation.

Duties of a commercial lawyer

What a day looks like for a commercial property lawyer is overwhelming, commercial property lawyer is responsible for reviewing all company paperwork, especially contracts and business documents. Most of their time is spent researching, editing and writing commercial reports for a business. It might go beyond examining local laws and laws beyond boundaries to identify rules that might affect the business and foresee conflicts that might arise about legal confirmation.

Documents a commercial property lawyer writes may involve business resolving issues, dissolving businesses, mergers and more. They must collaborate with other lawyers for the benefit of their clients and what is more, they negotiate deals on behalf of clients.

Whether it is an international commercial contract, a business merger contract or a legal business, commercial property lawyers are there at your services. They will handle all the paperwork involved and oversee the settlement as well as document the whole process.

Areas of expertise for a commercial property lawyer:

  • Business and commercial
  • Property and planning
  • Employment contracts and workplace relations
  • Wills, disputes from wills, and estate planning and management
  • Intellectual property, patents and trademarks
  • Building and construction legal issues

Salary information

Commercial property lawyer earns just like any other lawyer in the law fraternity. Even if they have a different specialty, salary scale for all lawyers are the same. The only difference is the seniority of service. Lawyers who practice in partnerships tended to earn more than those who practice law independently.


To be a qualified commercial property lawyer, you must have got a degree from an accredited law school and licensure from the state department.

What to expect from a commercial property lawyer

Commercial property lawyers are supposed to be down-to-earth and willing to assist in every legal aspect. They must possess good listening skills for them to understand what the client is struggling with so that they can tailor their legal services to meet the specific needs of a client. Fair prices charged to the clients for the services provided. Unmatched customer care attention boosts the confidence of clients seeking their services.

Employ a commercial property lawyer in Melbourne to help you with the legal aspects of running your business.