Law is one of the most complicated professions. When you have personal lawyers, you are fortunate since you get represented in any case you have in the court of law.  Not everyone who has a law degree is a great lawyer, meaning that there are lawyers out there who are not perfect for their job. This is why you are asked to be very keen when you are selecting your lawyers.

When you hire your lawyers, you can work with them as long as you are satisfied with your lawyers’ services. However, at Hervey Bay, some people keep on firing their lawyers.  It is allowed to fire these lawyers in Hervey Bay, but not during all circumstances. You have to ensure that you are firing your lawyers when the situations are genuine. Therefore, if you are experiencing the following issues with your lawyers, you have the right to fire them, and they will not sue you when you do it.

You have lawyers that are never prepared and organized

One of the qualities that your lawyers should possess is being prepared for everything they are doing. When it comes to having meetings with them or even representing you in the court of law, they must be prepared.

Secondly, lawyers must also be organized. When you have lawyers that are never organized, be sure that they will not waste your time and mishandle your case and money. Therefore, the first circumstance under which you are allowed top fire lawyers in Hervey Bay is disorganized and unprepared.

They lack the capability of handling your case

The main reasons people who have cases in the court of law seek lawyers’ help are that they are sure they can handle legal issues. People trust that the lawyers in Hervey Bay understand every law nuance, and this is why they will spend so much money on having them by their side. When you have good lawyers, you are stress-free and sure that you are going to win. However, when you realize that your lawyers are incapable of handling your case, you can fire them without being questioned.

The lawyers are not answering your calls

Poor communication is one of the problems you would not like to experience with your lawyers when you have a law court case. Although lawyers are very busy since they have so many clients, they should have time for all their clients.  This means that anytime you call them, they should ensure that they return the calls or emails immediately when they get them. In case you have lawyers who are not answering their calls or returning your messages, you can fire them and hire others who will be responsible.

Legal malpractice

Malpractice may either be by accident or intentionally. Therefore, if you catch your lawyers doing anything that may be costing you the ability to win or settle your case, you should not continue working with them.


Lawyers have been trained and are responsible when it comes to acting in ethical manners. Consequently, they also have taken oaths of upholding individual ethics. Therefore, they should not be doing anything that may breach their code of ethics.  In case you find your lawyers mishandling finance, failing to inform you about the settlement offers, or breaking your confidentiality, you can as well fire them.

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