Finding the right lawyer is a challenge if you don’t know what makes a good lawyer. Here are some qualities you should be looking for:

Excellent communication skills

This is one of the major traits that every good lawyer must possess in Coffs Harbour. After all, there are no other means for him or her to execute her duties. It is through communication, and therefore it goes without saying that a good lawyer must be a good communicator.


When it comes to communication skills, it is important to note that this is not limited to verbal alone but also written. When communication is thorough, it eliminates the dangers of misinterpretation and also the risk of advocating for what one never understood, which finally ends in losing the case.

Good analytical skills

When it comes to law matters, the ability to analyse details is a major attribute that cannot be overemphasised. A good lawyer in Coffs Harbour must be one who has a vast knowledge of every matter that pertains to the case he or she is defending.


He or she should be in a position to easily analyse information even right inside the courtroom when the case is going on and be able to respond articulately. That means a good lawyer will never display a gap in any matter when it comes to probing of cases.


Accountability can be a dangerous factor if it goes missing in the top qualities of any lawyer you are dealing with. This is the ability to keep everyone you are working with at per with all the happenings.


Those you are working for or representing must not be behind schedule in terms of being aware of what may be happening concerning a matter that involves them. Accountability is a sign that the lawyer is taking responsibility for everything he or she is doing, whether in Coffs Harbour or somewhere else.


One would say there is very little difference between transparency and accountability, but it is unlikely so. Transparency is the attribute of laying down everything bare to those you are repressing or working for and giving all the details to those you are working with.


Lack of this virus is the reason why many lawyers have also ended as culprits since they wanted to take in more than they deserve and as a result, they were not open to the people they represent, and when the matter comes to light, they end up being prosecuted.

Listening skills

Well, are listening skills any different from communication skills? Yes, there is much difference. While good communication skills majors on the aspect of bringing out good public speaking, listening skills, on the other hand, plays a major role in ensuring the right intake of the right information.


If a lawyer cannot listen, then there can be no guarantee that he or she is going to represent you in the right and secure manner. A good lawyer in Coffs Harbour must be able to pay close attention to details, understand the matter properly before coming up with his defence.

Good research skills

This attribute goes hand in hand with the sharpness of mind and even the creative aspect. A good lawyer will be able to articulately search out a matter, get the key details, have the right information for him or her to carry out the right judgement.


Good research skills are essential as it implies that the lawyer is swift in finding out a matter and being able to execute or make quality decisions as well as gather everything necessary information within the shortest time possible. No lawyer in Coffs Harbour will have the following attributes and end up having a record of losing cases.